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International Women's Day: 3 Great Ways To Celebrate The Women In Your Life

International Womens Day is a day to reflect on the progress that has been achieved by women around the world. On this day, we celebrate acts of extraordinary courage, small acts of kindness, and the determination of women everywhere who have played a role in their communities.

This year, the 2019 theme for International Womens Day is, "Think equal, build smart, innovate for change." Innovation and change provide new opportunities to advance gender equality and empower women around the world.

How can I celebrate the women in my life on International Womens Day?

During International Womens Day, it's important not only to celebrate women in history and those who have famously made strides for gender equality but also the women in your own life. Here are a few meaningful ways you can do just that.


1.    Give them a call. We don't always have time in our busy schedules to appreciate the women in our lives who have had such a big impact on us. Whether it's your mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, aunt, teacher, or coach, consider giving them a call or sending a letter to let them know how much you appreciate what they've done for you.

2.    Give your support and solidarity. There are different ways you can show support for and solidarity with the women in your life. Listen with an open mind and with the intent to understand without trying to compare your own experiences. Don't try to restrict someone's goals, but empower them.

3.    Give them flowers and cards. Flowers and cards are a sentimental way to show someone that you're thinking about them and that you care. It's why they're such a classic gift. If you're not sure what to say to a woman in your life that you love and respect, you can say it with flowers.


Why get flowers delivered on International Womens Day?


You don't need to do anything extravagant on International Womens Day to show the women in your life how much you care and appreciate them. A small gift like flowers is enough to make them feel special and noticed. In fact, 66% of people buying gifts on Mother's Day will buy their mom flowers.


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