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Unique Chic Bouquet with Bold Color and Wide Appeal

The smart elegance of this bold bouquet attracts all eyes to its vibrant colors. Lilies, roses and carnations vie for attention while seamlessly blending together to delight the senses. The unique square vase highlights the authenticity of intermingled stems and enhances the chic beauty of the red and orange themed arrangement.

Flowers Have Meaning

Gift this item to friends who've reached a milestone or to loved ones recuperating from an illness. It makes a lovely centerpiece for family reunions and equally represents passion and harmony to someone you would like to know more deeply.

Vibrant, passionate red roses bring depth and sophistication to the Unique Chic bouquet. Red often denotes love, romance and enduring alliances at home or in the office.

Peach roses add harmony and cheer to the bouquet. They express geniality and add cheer. Sincerity is another noble sentiment expressed by peach roses. The grace and beauty of the flower helps tie the arrangement together.

The orange lilies add delicate texture and the flower itself stands for health and provision. It inspires and celebrates the growth and development of a business, relationship or new venture.

The carnation symbolizes ties of affection in a professional or personal relationship. They are very symbolic flowers denoting health and energy as well as new phases of development in relationships or endeavors.

Order Your Unique Chic Bouquet Today

Bring this impressive bouquet to celebrate a wedding, graduation or promotion on the job. It vibrant color combinate work equally well in a large boardroom as an intimate centerpiece.

Order this Unique Chic bouquet from Starclaire House of Flowers today.