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Puppy Flowers for Special and Anytime Gifts

Puppy flowers can now be found all over the web, but our selection lets you personalize your bouquet by choosing the color. Brighten up a dog lover's birthday, anniversary, or big day with this colorful basket of roses, carnations, purple statice, and wax flowers. Puppies are formed of pink, white or red.


Scottish poet Robert Burns compared his love to a red, red rose. While these luscious blooms have long been associated with beauty and deep feeling, red roses can also say, "Congratulations!" or "Great job!" and express many other sentiments. Whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day or just because she is so amazing, roses and puppy flowers are the ideal combo to get your sentiments across.


With a history that dates back to Ancient Greece, the carnation has always been a symbol of joy and celebration, as well as friendship. It's the official flower of Mother's Day, but these wide, delicate blooms suit every occasion. Give your significant other or dear friend this basket of carnations and puppy flowers to put a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

Choose Their Favorite Color

Every animal lover will adore these cute puppies prepared in one of three colors. Choose the tone that best represents your relationship with the receiver of this one-of-a-kind gift.

  • White is the color of new beginnings.
  • Red expresses joy and celebration.
  • Pink is the ideal choice for children or those still in tune with their inner child.

Whether you go with one or two puppies, this gift basket makes a stunning addition to a table or mantel, where your loved one can see it and remember you.

Starclaire House of Flowers has been serving residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas for more than five decades. Check out our puppy flowers and order yours today!