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Send a Plant

Sending flowers for a special occasion or a passionate moment is a wonderful way to share your heart with someone. Why not take it another step and send a plant instead?

Benefits of Choosing to Send a Plant

Sending cut flowers is always nice and well-received, but choosing to send a plant has many advantages. Check out these many reasons:

  • Longevity. Cut flowers give many days of pleasure to help relive that special moment, but a plant can last for weeks, months or even years.
  • Growth and Increase. Once flowers are sent they no longer grow, and they eventually begin to fade. If you send a plant it will remain alive and continue to grow. Many types blossom and bloom on a repeating cycle that will never end.
  • Aroma and Beauty. A fresh potted plant will continue to provide beautiful colors, gorgeous patterns and pleasant designs while projecting soothing aromas and inspiring fragrances into the area around them.
  • Expansion. Most potted plants expand into deep roots and upward into stems, branches or leaves. Some transplant into larger pots for the home or move outside to flourish in your personal landscaping. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Give Your Love Roots

For your next special occasion, instead of a bouquet or spray of flowers, choose a longer-lasting gift and send a plant instead. Check out the wide variety of plant options available for delivery, and place an order today.