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No Flower! 4 Unique Bouquets That Use Food as Flowers!

People have loved flowers almost since the beginning of recorded history. In fact, there are depictions of floral arrangements dating all the way back to 2500 BC. But for as long as people have loved flowers, we have loved food even longer. Food is, after all, what sustains us and keeps us moving. But what if you took food and flowers, then combined the two together? You'd either get some beautiful fruit basket arrangements, or you'd get one of these five unique takes on flowers created using different foods. Keep reading to discover some of the most creative food bouquets ever created:

  • Bacon Roses
    For bacon lovers out there, this is a dream come true. All you need is a little bit of floral tape and a skewer and you're good to go! These clever flowers simply involve wrapping bacon around a skewer so that it creates a rosebud shape. Try asking your local florists for something like that on Independence Day.

  • Cupcake Bouquets
    When it comes to icing, there's practically no limit on the things you can do, especially when you have a whole cupcake to cover. Simple icing techniques can create the appearance of flowers on top of cupcakes, which can then be bundled together in a beautiful bouquet or various floral arrangements.

  • Strawberry Flowers
    All that this craft requires is a bunch of strawberries and a small, sharp knife. Really there's no fancy way to make strawberries look like flowers. A few simple incisions around the edges and leading up to the tip can make any strawberry look like a flower just beginning to bloom. Plus, the natural green leaves on strawberries only add to the floral effect!

  • Apple Blooms
    This technique is a little bit more complex, but with a little skill and a lot of patience, it's possible to craft thinly sliced apples into what look like beautiful blooms bursting from a thin pastry crust. Just remember to use an anti-browning agent like lime juice. They're no fruit basket arrangements, but they're certainly floral, and delicious to boot!
    Of course, food is no substitute for actual flowers. They may not fill your belly, but a beautiful floral arrangement is sure to fill your heart with joy and love. Not to mention the beautiful decoration they can provide! But if you're looking to have a little bit of food fun, there's no harm in trying out one of these unique floral craft projects.