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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: Why You Should Use A Flower Delivery Service

For Mother's Day, 69% of gifts are flowers. Each year, Americans spend around $1.9 billion on flowers for Mother's Day. Flower delivery is the most popular way to show appreciation for moms by far.
Flowers are a classic gift because they're guaranteed to make mothers smile. You, too, can make your mom smile on Mother's Day by getting flowers delivered to her door.
Here's why ordering flowers for delivery on Mother's Day is the greatest decision you'll ever make.

Flower Delivery Is Convenient

Having flowers delivered to your mother is the easiest gift you'll ever give.
The convenience is part of what you're paying for. You simply order the flowers and voila! They arrive at your mother's door on Mother's Day.
The delivery service will offer you more flexibility than others do. At Starclaire House of Flowers Florist, you can either book the order in advance or get same day flower delivery.

Location Access

Flower delivery gives you access to locations that would otherwise eat into your gas money. When someone else delivers your flowers, that means less wear and tear on your tires.
Ordering flowers is especially convenient if your mother lives far from you. Floral arrangements are the perfect way to say "I love you" no matter how far apart you are.
Starclaire House of Flowers Florist delivers to Charlotte, Ballantyne, and Matthews. Take it easy and let us deliver flowers on your behalf.

Best Selection

The best online flower delivery service offers a wider selection of flowers and arrangements than most physical florist shops do. After all, you can display more flowers on a website than you can in a physical location.
At Starclaire House of Flowers Florist, we offer a big variety of flower arrangements both online and at our storefront. That includes flower arrangements for Mother's Day. We also make stunning rose arrangements that moms love.
The only difference is that online, you can browse our selection from the comfort of your own home.


The element of surprise is why receiving flowers via delivery is so much more exciting than receiving flowers in person. The surprise is another essential part of what you're paying for when sending flowers to someone.
Receiving flowers via delivery will make your mother feel special. In fact, she'll feel like a queen.
Sure, people appreciate receiving flowers, but nobody forgets receiving the best flower delivery. Mother's Day is already special, but having flowers delivered to your mom will make this day even more magical and unforgettable for her.

Let Your Love Bloom On Mother's Day

Mother's Day accounts for 21% of the year's flower sales. Keep up the tradition and choose flower delivery for Mother's Day.
Flowers symbolize love and affection. Your mom could use that extra appreciation on Mother's Day.
Make your mom's day super special, and order one of our floral arrangements for Mother's Day. She'll be more grateful than words can express.