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Who Doesn't Want Flowers?


Charlotte NC florists have something in common with florists across the nation. Customers buy their product regularly and annually. Across the United States, the annual spending on floral products is over $26 billion. This is broken down into two categories of purchase: 63% of purchased flowers are for the self and 37% of purchases are gifts for others.


Holiday Flowers and Gifts Oh My!


It seems like a common expectation that there are certain times of year that the best selling flowers are going to be holiday related. Mother’s Day is a perfect example of when to buy holiday flowers. A full one-fourth of floral purchases are made for holidays, and about 35% of adults buying flowers are gifts for Mother’s Day as of 2015.


The National Retail Federation estimates that 66% of Mother’s Day celebrators will purchase flowers for Mom. For 2016 this was estimated at about $2.4 billion of revenue around a single day. However, number one for the crown of the highest floral purchasing holiday is the Christmas and Hanukkah period. About 30% of adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts during the holiday season.


Flowers For Who?


Weddings are another prime event for local florists to showcase their abilities. Generally the floral budget in a wedding is around 7-8% of the total cost. Going along with that a full 60% of all wedding parties will include a flower girl.


Valentine’s Day is an important day in the year for many people. Both men and women enjoy receiving flowers on that day. The American Society of Florists reports that 36% of women surveyed purchased flowers for their spouse. About 15% of American women will send themselves flowers on February 14th.


The single most production heavy day of the year for many florists is Valentine’s Day. Another statistic from the American Society of Florists reports that it is a full one third of all fresh flower purchases are for this day.