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A Few of the Benefits that Come with Buying from Local Florists

It's no secret that America loves flowers. In fact, annual spending on floral products comes in at a whopping $26.6 billion for U.S. consumers. So while it's abundantly clear that people enjoy giving and receiving flowers, it can still be difficult to determine where and when to purchase them.

But that struggle ends here because your local florist is here to help. Shopping at a supermarket for flowers might seem convenient, but are you really getting that quality and selection that you want? Here are some of the many benefits that come with buying from local florists.

  • Personalized Service

When you're shopping in a supermarket, there may be someone standing behind the counter, but odds are they're not a floral expert. When you walk into a locally-owned flower shop for fresh flowers, on the other hand, you'll receive services and expertise tailored specifically to the type of arrangement you're hoping to make.

  • Local Selections

Getting to know the flora native to your area can be difficult, but with a florist's help you can learn a lot about native plant life. Not to mention you can take it into your home and put it on display!

  • High Quality Products

If you're looking for high-quality, fresh flowers, then a local shop is your best bet. Local flower shops generally have fresh flowers brought in every few days or so from the world's greatest flower growers. Beyond that, these shops have the means to properly care for and store the flowers they get delivered. That means you're guaranteed the top-quality flora for your gifting needs.

  • Timely Service

Whether you need flower delivery or you need an arrangement whipped up quickly, your local florist will have you covered. Small businesses tend to have better turnaround time, as they handle fewer orders at a time. In addition, placing an order for flowers online doesn't exactly give you an exact time of when the arrangement will arrive or what condition it will be in when it does. If you entrust your floral needs to a local shop, you're guaranteed to have your flowers delivered all in one piece and in a timely fashion.

Ordering flowers online or next to the deli aisle in your grocery store might seem convenient in the moment, but the truth is that it just doesn't compare to going to a local small business and working with a professional florist.