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The Lily Flower: A Bloom with Personality

The lily flower is one of the most versatile flowers. Elegant additions to flower arrangements, flower gardens, and centerpiece, the lily flower historically represent purity and beauty. Learn more about this attractive flower.

Types of Lily Flowers

Blooming in every season except winter, the lily flower may be tropical or hardy. Hardy lily flowers are perennials while tropical lily flowers are annual unless protected during the winter months. Like marigolds and calendula, some types of lily flowers have edible bulbs that have been described as sweet and peppery.

But those who love lilies don't enjoy them for the flavor; it's the lily's colorful blooms that catch attention. True lilies are from the Lilium genus and some of the most popular types include:

Tiger lily
Easter lily
Panther lily
Regal lily
Orange lily

Lily Flower Arrangements

Stunning when paired with everything from roses to gerberas, the lily flower blooms in an array of colors and often features variations of two or more colors on one bloom. Popular lily flower arrangements include stargazer lilies, Asiatic lilies and tiger lilies in varying shades of orange, pink, white and yellow. The many color combinations found in the lily flower make it extremely versatile additions to flower arrangements.

Eternally beautiful with unique patterns on each bloom, the lily flower is the perfect way to convey messages of love, friendship, and well wishes.