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Graduation Party Planned? Give The Gift Of These Celebratory Arrangements!

Every spring in the U.S., a new group of graduates walks across the stage to receive their diplomas. And every summer, graduation celebrations are marked on several calendars, some within the same weekend.

Whether your friends or family members are finishing high school, college, or graduate school, it's good to let them know you're proud of their achievements. And what better way to say congratulations on their graduation than with a beautiful flower bouquet?

If your loved one has recently graduated, consider the following celebratory floral arrangements to put a smile on their face.

Plants For Life: The Gift Of The Money Tree

A Pachira, or Money Tree, may not be a traditional floral arrangement. But it's a traditional gift as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and success.

No matter where your graduate is graduating from, it can be intimidating for them to leave school and enter the professional world. Money Trees are a great way to say "you got this!"

What's more, they can take their Money Tree wherever they go: a new apartment, a new job, or a new dorm as they head off to achieve another degree.

Celebrate Good Times With Blooms

If you've taken a look at celebratory bouquets before, you may have noticed a reoccurring theme. Celebratory blooms are often yellow to convey joy, happiness, and pride in your graduate's achievements.

But celebratory blooms aren't always yellow. Other popular colors in celebratory bouquets include red, purple, white, and pink. You may also consider getting a bouquet in your loved one's school colors.

Common (and popular) blooms that come in celebratory bouquets for graduates include lilies, gerbera daisies, and chrysanthemums. These flowers bloom wide like little fireworks so the bouquet looks like it's celebrating your loved one's success with you.

The Flower Delivery Charlotte NC Knows And Loves

Flower bouquets are a great gift for any occasion. In fact, the annual spending on floral products like centerpieces and bouquets is $26,600,000,000 just in the United States.

That's a lot of flowers and a lot of celebrations.

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