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How To Choose The Right Flowers For A Funeral
Losing a loved one is never easy. However, in the midst of the grief, it can be cathartic to create a beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangement in honor of the person who has passed.
As this is a sensitive time for everyone who knew the person you're honoring, there are a few factors you should consider to ensure you are following the proper etiquette. Choose the perfect flowers for a funeral by thinking about your answers to these helpful questions.
What was your relationship?
Your relation to the person who has passed will determine what kind of funeral flowers you should purchase. The biggest and most important flowers are typically reserved for the people who were closest to the deceased. For instance, immediate family members will typically purchase the casket sprays and large wreaths.
Extended family members and close friends will usually pick out a tasteful spray for a stand or large vase arrangements. For colleagues and casual friends, it is more appropriate to pick out a modest arrangement in a vase, a basket of flowers, or small to medium-sized live plants.
How can you personalize the funeral flowers?
When you're picking out flowers for a funeral of someone you loved, you have the opportunity to honor them with an arrangement you know they would love. While the most common funeral floral arrangements include lilies and roses, you could switch it up by including your loved one's favorite flower instead.
You could also choose a flower that blooms during their favorite season, such as sunflowers for summer or tulips for spring. Although a tulip's lifespan is only three to seven days, this thoughtful choice would be a great tribute to your loved one.
At what type of service will you present the flowers?
The type of funeral service can also help determine your choice. If it is a cremation service with no burial, it is typically better to give flower baskets or green plants that are easy for the family to take home. However, a traditional burial will call for flowers arranged on a stand that can be left at the cemetery. Be sure to read the invitation closely or check with the planners.
Choosing flowers for a funeral gives you the perfect chance to say a fond farewell to your loved one. If you're still stuck on what to get for the service, consult your local florist for inspiration and guidance.