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Forget About Autumn Leaves: Here Are Some Seasonal Flowers You'll Be Sure To 'Fall' in Love With

Fall is almost here, which means many of us are getting ready to take refuge from the cooler weather in our homes. But just because the leaves are starting to change, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of fresh flowers in bloom. Autumn is one of the most breathtaking times of the year due to all the vibrant hues that emerge. You can take advantage of all that color by brightening up your home with floral arrangements with seasonal blossoms. Let's take a closer look at just a few of the offerings local florists in your area will likely have this time of year.

  • Sunflowers
    The Helianthus is arguably one of the most cheerful fresh flowers around, and it's certainly one of the most popular in August and September. There are nearly 70 different types of sunflowers, ranging from the classic, bright yellow petals with dark centers to other varieties with petals of off-white, red, and brown. There are even "Teddy Bear" sunflowers that look like fluffy little characters in a Lewis Carroll book! Whether you purchase a bunch for a friend or buy an arrangement for your own home (after all, 63% of flowers are purchased for oneself!), there's no better way to make a space look welcoming.

  • Dahlias
    Dahlias bloom from midsummer to the first frost, typically, and with so many colors and varieties, they're an excellent choice for a fall arrangement. While their petals are spiked in appearance, they're actually extremely delicate and photograph extremely well. They're available in all kinds of shades, but the rich reds, oranges, and yellows are ideal for this season. You can combine several varieties together or feature dahlias in mixed bouquets; either way, they'll be the star of the show. You can even carve a pumpkin into a vase to put even more fall oomph into your centerpiece!

  • Chrysanthemums
    Some people may think they don't like chrysanthemums because they've seen only a couple varieties at the garden store. But they can be incredibly beautiful and make any fall arrangement stand out. The small red, orange, and yellow varieties are among the most common, but they can be much larger in size and come in lots of other colors, including white, mauve, and peach, as well as other autumnal shades like burgundy and rust. They're actually the most popular of the fresh flowers, aside from roses, and there's no more well-known autumn bloom.

    Keep in mind that if fresh flowers aren't your thing in fall, there are plenty of other options -- like dried Chinese lanterns, lunaria, or pussy willows -- that look fantastic in tall vases. But while you have the option to go with flowers that are in-season, you might as well take advantage. These options will bring the beauty of fall indoors and will brighten the day of everyone who walks in your home.