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We dress for each season, switching out our wardrobe as the weather changes. We try to eat according to the seasons, opting for fresh produce that thrives during the current season. So it would make sense that we should try to buy our flowers according to the seasons, too.

Buying flowers in-season offers many benefits, whether the flowers are for a wedding, a bouquet for a loved one, or any other purpose. Flowers look most beautiful when they're in season, and they're also much more affordable. Read on for our seasonal flower guide to learn more about choosing the perfect flowers year-round.

Springtime - The Idyllic Season for an Array of Beautiful Blooms

The mention of springtime brings to mind growth and renewal, and a time where resting buds begin to bloom. Some of the most well-known spring-blooming flowers include roses, dahlias, daisies, and lilies. Peonies - which can be expensive when not in season - also bloom best in spring, as well as orchids, gardenias, and many other unique flowers.

Summer - When the Warmth Encourages Even More Blooming

While plant life abounds in spring after the cooler winter, weather subsides summer is actually considered to be the season for flower growth. Hydrangeas, lilac, iris, and calla lilies all thrive in the summer. The flowers that began to bloom in spring also continue to grow and flourish.

Many people consider spring and summer to be the best times of year for flowers. There are definitely a wide array of gorgeous bloom to choose from during this time. If you want to save on flowers for a wedding or other large event, spring and summer are great seasons for that.

Autumn - The Season of Harvest Produces Flowers in Sunset Colors

When you think of autumn, you likely picture leaves changing color from green to varying shades of orange, red, and yellow. When it comes to flowers, you'll see blooms in similar hues during this season. Fill your fall floral arrangements with sunflowers, yellow dahlias and red roses, with accents of crab apple branches and Anne's lace.

Winter - A Season for Special Flowers That Thrive in Cooler Weather

You may assume that winter doesn't produce any flowers, but there are some blooms that continue to grow even in cooler temperatures. Sweet peas, forget-me-nots, and even hydrangeas do well in the winter in some areas. And don't overlook poinsettias, which are beautiful and festive this time of year.

Let Your Local Florist Help You Create Seasonal Floral Arrangements or Flower Guide

It can be overwhelming to have to choose flowers when you are planning for a bouquet delivery, wedding, or even a funeral service. This seasonal flower guide should give you a good place to start when you need to consider what options are available. Your local florist can provide even further guidance on the ideal blooms for your needs, no matter the time of year.