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How Can I Keep My End Of Summer Flowers Last Longer?

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the warm temperatures are willing to cool down any time soon. Many of those who keep their fresh flowers indoors know that hot, muggy weather isn't ideal for keeping floral arrangements alive.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can keep your beautiful bouquets blooming a little while longer despite the sweltering sun. Here's how you can keep your end of summer flower arrangements alive longer these next few weeks.

Change the water frequently

Flowers rely on water to grow, but you'll need to change it more than once to see your flowers thrive. Replace your bouquet's water every two to three days.

This will ensure your flowers stay perky and smelling fresh rather than smelling like old, slimy water.


Keep your flowers somewhere cool

It may seem counterintuitive to place your flowers somewhere cool. After all, flowers wilt in the winter. But placing your flowers near your air conditioning or by the fan can help to keep your flowers from drooping.

Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, too. Subtle, natural light is your bouquet's best friend. Direct sunlight will only cook your flowers.


Use a healthy spray of water

Another way to keep your floral arrangements looking happy and healthy is by treating them to a little spritz of water. Use a spray bottle to spritz the buds of your flowers every once and a while.

Start spraying the buds around a week after you've received your floral arrangement. The water spray helps your flowers look fresh because it delivers the nutrients your arrangement is getting from the water throughout the entire length of the plant.

Be sure that you're only giving your bouquet a quick spritz and not several sprays of water. The latter can actually make your flowers wilt faster because you're overwatering them.


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