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You Can Still Deck The Halls In A Small Living Space

The holiday season is officially here, which means now is the time to spread joy and light throughout your home. But, decorating your home for the holidays can be tricky when you're working with a smaller space.


The good news is that you don't need to sacrifice your holiday cheer when you live in an apartment or smaller home. Here are some holiday decorating ideas you can use to bring holiday joy into your home this season without taking up precious square footage.


Use flowers and plants to your heart's content


You may not have room in your space for a 6-foot tree, but plants are still a major part of the holiday season and you can use them abundantly throughout your space. Place poinsettias on your dining table or roses on your bookshelves.


Just be sure to choose the right flowers if you have pets because certain holiday plants can be poisonous. If you do have pets, try using other holiday greenery and balancing out the colors with faux-berries.


Set up twinkle lights around your home


Twinkle lights are great for holiday decor in small places because they make use of vertical space. Hang them along the walls, around the corners of the ceiling, or even bed. Just be sure they're LED lights so they don't get too hot.


Twinkle lights also come in handy for helping to boost your mood after the holiday season is over. Days are shorter this time of year, which can be a real downer. By using your own happy lights around your space, you can fight back against the doom and gloom.


Use pillow covers


Holiday-themed pillows can help add some seasonal coziness to your space but buying new ones every year can not only get expensive but it can also take up valuable storage space.


Instead of buying new pillows, get pillow covers for the pillows you already have. You can slip them off when the holiday season's over and easily store them without taking up much room.


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