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Colorful Flowers That Make the Perfect Summer Bouquet

When you're looking for the ultimate summer gift, looking at best selling flowers is a great way to go. But do you know which summer flowers will turn the most heads or offer the most color? If not, you've come to the right place. Here are a few of the best, most colorful summer flowers to include in a bouquet this season.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are big, bold, and absolutely beautiful. Giant red, white, and pink blooms can measure almost a foot across if you're lucky! These flowers are excellent to give floral arrangements some extra volume. Even just a few hibiscus blooms with some light garnish can made for a gorgeous arrangement.

  • Sunflowers

Who doesn't love a bright yellow sunflower for a warm bouquet? These large flowers, like the previously mentioned hibiscus, can add a lot of volume to any bouquet or floral arrangement. Paired with a few sprigs of baby's breath, fresh flowers like these truly embody everything we love about summer.

  • Poppies

Poppies come in all sorts of colors, but red and yellow are the most popular over the summer months. Not only do they provide a lovely pop of color, they smell absolutely lovely in a summer bouquet. Most local florists should have these pretty little blooms in stock, as their peak season is summer.

  • Green Roses

If it's a green floral arrangement you're after, green roses are some of the most beautiful flowers the summer has to offer. They can make any bouquet really shine by adding just a hint of greenery to it. And if green is in your color scheme anyway, all the more reason to use these unique blooms.

  • Hydrangeas

Looking for some of the best selling flowers around? Look no further than hydrangeas. With a wide variety of gorgeous hues, these bulbous bunches of flowers make a beautiful floral arrangement all by themselves. Whether it's blue, white, green, or even purple, they'll meet your needs.

Summer is all about color and big arrangements. Considering Americans spend almost $26,600,000,000 on floral arrangements annually bigger is better! Any of these blooms will make the perfect addition to your seasonal bouquet.