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Birthday Balloons in Bold Colors

Festive Happy Birthday Balloons from Starclaire include three mylar and five latex balloons attractively arranged and held in place by a decorative weight. Balloon patterns vary with availability, but we have a wide selection of balloons.

Mylar and Latex Balloons That Last

There are two main types of balloons that work well in birthday bouquets. Latex balloons hold the traditional balloon shape and come in beautiful colors and patterns. Mylar, or foil, balloons come in many shapes and sizes, but we mainly use round ones that blend in with regular balloons for a better presentation. Your birthday girl or boy will receive a Happy Birthday message on the balloons.

Bright Colors to Enhance the Celebration

Balloons are required at any proper children's party and bring the scene to life for celebrating adults as well. The bright colors, warm messages and sparkly sheen of our Birthday Balloons will put a smile on the guest of honor's face. These Birthday Balloons are subtle enough to surprise a loved one at work or to decorate a room just in time for their arrival at home. Stage guests in front of these balloons to preserve great memories of the day.

Starclaire House of Flowers has been helping clients celebrate birthdays in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas for more than five decades. Check out our Birthday Balloons and order yours today!