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Valentine's Day Devotions: 3 Flowers And Their Romantic Associations


And in their silent beauty speak / Of life and joy, to those who seek / For Love Divine and sunny hours / In the language of the flowers. Though that poem dates back to 1875, its words continue to ring true. With Valentine's day just around the corner, it's time you let the beauty of floral arrangements communicate your every longing and desire. Here are three of the most popular Valentine's Day flowers and their associated meanings.


  • Roses: An oldie but a goodie, red roses never go out of style. They represent an unmistakable expression of love, in all of its forms. Roses combine elegance and beauty effortlessly together to make a deeply emotional statement about love, longing, desire, or a mix of all three. No matter what you're trying to say to your loved one, nothing gets the point across faster (or more gracefully) than bold, red roses.


  • Lilies: White lilies symbolize virtue and devotion. When you include them in your floral arrangement, you are communicating absolute dedication to another human being. In this day and age of dating apps, commitment can be hard to come by; show how much you care -- and how serious you are about committing -- by adding white lilies to your pink and red bouquet.


  • Carnations: Carnations come in a wide variety of colors and shades. Though red roses fully epitomize love, red carnations are also associated with the powerful feeling. Light red is more closely connected to a soft and subtle romance, rather than outright passion; pink carnations are reminiscent of tenderness and fondness, making them ideal flowers for the blooming love that occurs on a first date.


Though local florists are experts at crafting the perfect bouquets to communicate your love and affection to a significant other, they can also create an arrangement for self-love; an estimated 15% of American women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day, and why not! Everybody deserves to have a little more love in their lives.


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