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Sending Someone Flowers? Five Things to Remember

One of life’s most delightful pleasures is receiving a flower delivery. A beautiful bouquet of fragrant, fresh and colorful flowers will brighten your day. Even better, a flower delivery will make the day extra special for someone you care about when you send flowers to them. Here are five things to remember the next time you set up a flower delivery for someone.

Select an Appropriate Arrangement

There are so many reasons to send someone flowers! Just think about all the occasions, big and small, that an arrangement of flowers, wild flowers or fresh flowers would enhance. A flower delivery is filled with significance. It is wonderfully fragrant, it is a personal artistic statement and it is filled with sentiment. Floral arrangements spread beauty, making the world a lot happier and brighter for all of us. But flowers also have specific meanings and references. Be sure you understand the symbolic meaning of the flowers you select. Make sure the symbolism of the flowers in the arrangement is appropriate for the occasion they are being sent to commemorate.

Don’t Skimp on Sentiment!

Flowers are associated with love, so what is the first flower-sending occasion that comes to mind? Most likely, you would think of Valentine’s Day. That is the number one holiday for florists, according to the American Society of Florists. An astonishing 40% of their economic business in best selling fresh flowers is done on Valentine’s Day. Sending flowers as a token of love never grows old!

Plan Ahead

Speaking of Valentine’s Day brings up another good point. Have you ever let your purchase of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day go until the last minute? If so, you know from experience that flower shops and florists are extremely busy on that day. They are inundated with calls and orders to fill. Because of this, the selection of flowers is really limited. You might not be able to find the flowers you want, or the florist may be running low on all flowers. So it is a good idea to plan ahead. Of course, sometimes it is not possible to do this, as unexpected situations often arise in life. But trying to plan ahead for a special occasion is a good rule to follow whenever possible.

It is Okay to Treat Yourself!

There’s something else that is interesting about Valentine’s Day, too: women aren’t the only ones who like to get flowers. While some women send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget the guys! They like getting flowers, too, and 36% of women are very happy to get flowers or arrange for a floral delivery to their husbands on Valentine’s Day, according to the American Society of Florists. This trend seems to be spreading to other occasions, too, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Ask About All Charges

Anniversary flowers, birthday flowers, sympathy flowers, wedding flowers--the occasions are many and the selections are virtually unlimited. If you are arranging a flower delivery and you are not able to visit the florist in person, make sure to inquire about all costs. Is the delivery charge a flat fee, or is it based on distance? Do certain flowers cost more to include than others? Finding out the answer to these questions will save you time and energy. And you’ll be sure to be a satisfied customer.

The allure of flowers is unquestionable! With examples of flowers in art from as far back as 2500 B.C., it is clear that flowers have always brought us pleasure. The popularity of flowers today has made the floral industry not only a huge success, but also a major industry in the economy all around the world.